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Instagram’s Feed Tweaks Give You Back Some Control, but Experts Want More

Instagram is giving people more tools to control what shows up in their feeds amid backlash surrounding the content they see.

Luke Lintz Talks About Founding HighKey Enterprises With His Two Brothers

Luke Lintz is the founder and CEO of HighKey Enterprises LLC, a Puerto Rico-based company that helps brands and influencers become highkey famous through digital and social media marketing

Millionaire’s ‘stay-at-home girlfriend’ shares day in her life and internet labels it ‘dull’

Kendel Kay’s boyfriend supports her lifestyle, declaring he believes men ‘should be doing the masculine work’.

Q&A: HighKey Entreprises’ Luke Lintz Keeps His Focus on the End User

Entrepreneur Luke Lintz is just 22, but he’s already had eight-figure successes and his share of failures. He’s built a digital marketing firm, HighKey Enterprises, with his brothers that is anything but low-key. Critical to his business success? Focusing on impact.

Forbes: How One Company Is Dominating Giveaways To Win At Instagram Marketing: A Case Study

One personal branding agency is helping brands grow massive followings through strategic giveaways. HighKey Enterprises LLC.

Wall Street: Winnipeg brothers are Canada’s rising tech stars

The word “HighKey” comes from the opposite of the common word phrase “low key” — and this hyperaggressive mantra has come to define the rise of the two brothers in the survival of the fittest online business habitat.

Forbes: Live As A Brand, Or Die As A Commodity

“Live as a brand, or die a commodity” is something my business partner, Stefan Aarnio, said. It’s so simple, but yet so powerful. In essence, this means that you must build a brand in order to survive, or you will be viciously destroyed by massive corporations like Amazon.

Yahoo Finance: How Luke Lintz Utilizes Leadership Daily While Owning 3 Companies

Luke understands the importance of outsourcing tasks and understands the even greater importance of outsourcing tasks to the right people. Over the past two years, he has worked relentlessly at building a team of employees, contractors and overseas freelancers.

Entrepreneur News: The HighKey Brand is Dominating Social Media: Meet Luke Lintz, One of the Minds Behind it

Growing up in the age of social media and in a completely digital world, Luke Lintz always found it very easy to communicate ideas and use social media to drive results in multiple industries. This motivated him to have his own e-commerce business early when he was just 16, so young that he was not even legally allowed to sign the ownership papers of the cooperation.

Kivo Daily: How Luke Lintz Utilizes Leadership Daily While Owning 3 Companies

Today, Luke is a co-owner, along with his eldest brother Jordan Lintz, of HighKey Holdings Inc; A company that owns large equity positions in HighKey Technology, HighKey Agency, and HighKey Clout. Luke is in the business of social media real estate. He is buying, selling, holding and flipping online real estate on a daily basis amongst all of their companies.

Fox News: How Luke Lintz Built His Business Empire at just Sixteen Years Old

Luke Lintz started his first business before he was even legally allowed to sign the papers and gain ownership of the cooperation. He was only sixteen when he started HighKey Technology Inc; a futuristic technology company, along with his brother. Very few believed in the concept and his efforts to transform the name to a sustainable business, but he managed to prove them wrong and created a very successful company and personal brand for himself. Today, he is co-owner with his older brother Jordan Lintz, of HighKey Holdings Inc; A company that owns large equity positions in HighKey Technology, HighKey Agency, and HighKey Clout. They are all within the same industry, which the brothers define as social media real estate. They buy, sell, hold, and flip online real estate on a daily basis amongst all of their companies.…

Thrive Global: Learn how Luke Lintz dominates his day, beats stress, and avoids burnout.

Luke Lintz is the founder of HighKey, an innovative tech firm that has helped dozens of businesses in achieving and building better brands. In this article, we uncover the virtues and principles that Luke has used to overcome the challenges and stress involved in entrepreneurship. Avoiding Burnout Let’s face facts; burnout is something that can…

Thrive Global: What These Entrepreneur Brothers Taught Me About The Future of Technology and Marketing

Luke Lintz and Jordan Lintz created HighKey Technology Inc. three years ago. HighKey Technology is an e-commerce company conceived with futuristic technology and marketing in mind. Since its creation, Jordan and Luke, the HighKey creators, have accumulated 400k engaged followers on Instagram (@highkeyco) and have surpassed $1M in revenue by the end of 2018. Jordan …

Could Instagram’s Latest Changes Herald the End of the Kardashians’ Social Media Empire?

Instagram users of both the famous and nonfamous varieties have recently reached a tipping point, becoming fed up with the app for not serving them the very content the social media platform was built upon—photos of friends and family.

Jordan Lintz Hopes to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs Through Eight-Figure Empire, HighKey Enterprises LLC

In America, 1 in 5 adults have unpaid student loans. Collectively, they owe the federal government about $1.6 trillion in college debt.

#trending: Influencer shares daily routine as ‘stay-at-home girlfriend’ of multi-millionaire, gets mocked online

American influencer and model Kendel Kay, 25, has recently gone viral on TikTok for her vlogs about her daily life as a “stay-at-home girlfriend”

The ONE Thing Instagram Can Do to Solve Its Existential Crisis
By Luke Lintz

Hundreds of social media platforms launch every year. However, many of these sites simply fade into the background and blend in the shadows of their successful predecessors.

USA Today: How these brothers in their 20s are revolutionizing social media marketing

The Lintz brothers — Jordan and Luke — are creators, even re-creating, giving a brand-new shape to the ways of proceeding within the field of social media marketing. Equipped with their smartphones and a plethora of available apps, primarily those of social media, these modes of technology have provided the means for these brothers, in partnership, to participate in a major way within this expanding global village.

Forbes: 13 Ways To Build Your Brand’s Social Media Engagement

The best way to build social media engagement is by giving the most value to your audience, which is why giving away products, services or even cash is the best way to ten times your engagement. This works so well because every single person loves a chance to win, and if you’re able to promote a valuable piece of content simultaneously, there is nothing that can outperform that on social. – Luke Lintz, HighKey Agency Inc

Medium: Meet the 20 Year Old Marketing Genius, Luke Lintz.

Serial entrepreneur, Luke Lintz, is the founder of HighKey Holdings, an umbrella company for a host of other companies. Highkey Technology Inc. is an innovative brand that assists the general public in acquiring futuristic technology. Apart from this, Highkey Agency Inc. also helps high-level individuals grow their personal brand with modern growth strategies.

International Business Times: Keeping up With Luke Lintz and His Multi-Million Dollar Digital Empire

Luke Lintz is one of the founding members of the company Highkey Technology. The company first started when Luke and his brother, Jordan Lintz thought of the idea to sell Wireless Earbuds because it was a product that they wanted and was not available at the time. Luke started his company when he was only sixteen years old!

Disrupt Digital: Grooming a successful digital agency; The Luke Lintz way.

Luke Lintz is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of HighKey Holdings, an entity that owns several different companies. HighKey is an innovative brand that appeals to the general public with futuristic technology and interests higher-level business people with massive personal brand growth strategies…

Daily Journal: How Luke Lintz Utilizes Leadership Daily, While Owning 3 Companies

Yahoo Finance: #5 on the Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

The HighKey brothers aka The Lintz Bros, Jordan, Luke and youngest brother Jackson all own and run HighKey Technology Inc., which was founded 3 years ago and is now recognizable across North America. The HighKey Bros love to stay engaged with current pop culture. In doing so, they create content with influencers and tie in their top-selling product (HighKey Wireless Earbuds) to achieve ultimate branding. They reached seven figures in sales in just 2.5 years. In addition, the HighKey name has now expanded from our e-commerce company into 2 other fastly growing companies in HighKey Agency Inc. and HighKey Clout Inc., which have both reached six figures prematurely. These companies operate in the social media industry. Jordan, Luke, and Jackson are a phenomenal trio that will continue to crusade the social media space. …

Yahoo Finance: HighKey Technology Inc.’s Instagram Page Now Has Over 15 Million Views.

Luke and Jordan Lintz, founders of HighKey Technology Inc., are pleased to announce that their company’s Instagram page has reached two very impressive milestones: the page has accumulated over 15 million views and their highest-viewed video has been seen over 2 million times….

HighKey Enterprises CEO Luke Lintz shares what it’s really like to build an eight-figure business

All still in their 20s and already sporting their dream cars, sitting atop a successful group of companies, and working closely with some of the world’s most famous names, the Lintz brothers share what it’s truly like to build HighKey Enterprises into an eight-figure business.

HighKey Enterprises CEO Luke Lintz Shares What It’s Really Like to Build an Eight-Figure Business

Before Jackson (the youngest of the Lintz brothers) came on board, Jordan and Luke founded their first company, HighKey Technology, which hit seven figures in revenue while Luke was still in high school.

TikTok’s ‘stay-at-home girlfriends’ go viral displaying lives of luxury. They face mockery and are told they’re anti-feminist — they disagree.

Like countless other lifestyle influencers, Kendel Kay shared her morning routine with her TikTok followers, posting a vlog-style video about it on August 16.