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The man behind HighKey

Who is Luke Lintz?

Luke Lintz is the 50% owner of HighKey Holdings, a company that owns a large equity position in HighKey Technology Inc, HighKey Agency Inc., HighKey Clout Inc and Lyrical Inc.

Luke lives by his motto to finding the areas of life and business where you can give the greatest value and put 100% of your energy behind it. Because giving value is the basis of good business, growing a company, and fulfilling your purpose.

The HighKey Brothers Journey

Luke Lintz began his business ventures during grade ten in high school with his brother and business partner Jordan Lintz. Their first company was HighKey Technology Inc, which is an e-commerce company that sells futuristic consumer technology. Luke remembers the day, back in grade 10 where he had to step out of an economics class to take a call. This call was with his business partners about the first transfer for bulk inventory that they made to their brand new Chinese supplier. It all began from wanting to fix the problem of corded earbuds and an $8K investment with his partners. After three months of starting the business and starting to develop a social media presence through their company Instagram page @highkeyco, Luke and his business partners successfully sold their $8k worth of inventory for $38K in total revenue over the Christmas Holidays.

Luke continued with the day to day operation of HighKey Technology Inc until running into Award-Winning Real Estate Investor Stefan Aarnio at a local coffee shop in his home city Winnipeg, Manitoba. After a brief conversation, Stefan invited Luke and Jordan to pitch their social media ideas to him. Stefan saw something special about the duo and immediately hired them to control all of his social media channels, which was the beginnings of HighKey Agency Inc. After a few months of working together, Luke and Jordan offered a piece of the business to Stefan as he was seen as a great asset to accelerate the business’s growth through knowledge, training, and sales.

Luke and Jordan were able to experience unbelievable levels of growth with HighKey Agency and after working and connecting with hundreds of the highest level people across North America, so many more business opportunities arose.
Luke and jordan were able to bring their youngest brother Jackson Lintz into part ownership of HighKey Technology Inc where he was able to take over most of the day to day operations so the other brothers could have focus elsewhere
In late 2019, Highkey Clout Inc began, which has been the fastest-growing company that Luke and Jordan have ever experienced. The company reported reaching a six-figure total revenue in under 30 days of opening. Highkey Clout currently focuses on Instagram growth for their clients that are trying to increase their brand and exposure on social media.

Companies Owned By HighKey Holdings Inc.

HighKey Technology Inc.

An e-commerce company that sells consumer futuristic technology. HighKey Co is the #1 seller of their NEW HighKey Wireless Earbuds for the past 3 years. 

HighKey Agency Inc.

A full-service social media and PR management company that builds elite Personal Brands. HighKey Agency offers video editing, graphic design, website design, Social media management and press release services.

HighKey Clout Inc.

An influencer management company specializing in massive Instagram growth opportunities. HighKey Clout offers large Instagram follower growth strategies.

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Luke Lintz is the 50% owner of HighKey Holdings, a company that owns a large equity position in HighKey Technology Inc., HighKey Agency Inc., HighKey Clout Inc., and Lyrical Inc.

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