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I Help Entrepreneurs Transform Their Vision into Highly Lucrative Lifestyles

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The 21 year Old Owner of HighKey Holdings Inc.

About Luke

Don’t leave your success to chance

When I was 16 years old I invested $8,000 in an e-commerce product that already existed.
90 days later I’d turned that investment into $38,000 at an ROI of over 375%.

That’s when I decided to start my own business. It didn’t matter if companies were selling the same product, or if they have been around longer, or if their price point was lower.

Because I had a brand building secret they didn’t.
I’ve been using this secret across the growth of 4 companies and millions of social media followers (2,415,000 and counting). I was never going to outgrow Amazon. But I could make more noise and explode my brand in a way they never could. My lightbulb moment was to realize ideas can either live as a brand , or die as a commodity.

You don’t need to change your business model to match your competitors. If you change the way your brand is perceived you’ll make your competitors invisible. Bottom line, whether you’re looking to start your entrepreneurial journey, or you’re an established company, I can help you discover explosive branding opportunities that seed growth and revenue.

Without emotion, your brand will drown

Growing a brand without mapping out your goals is like steering a ship blindly. It’s only a matter of time until you’re lost. To make an impact your brand needs to elicit a strong emotion.



Through smart strategy and leading social media innovation, your brand has the potential to inspire and outperform others.

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Forbes: From Self-Employed To Business Owner: A Crucial Step In Making More Money

In my first year of business, I was working a minimum of eight hours a day. Every single day I would take time to train myself in different areas of our business, so I could be the Swiss Army knife to remedy any situation. There wasn’t a single task that was beneath me because I understood that it’d eventually be important in the big picture. – Luke Lintz

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Entrepreneur: This Company Gave Away Over $100K During COVID-19 Through Instagram Celebrity Giveaways

Their vision as entrepreneurs from a very young age has led Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz to create an empire of different companies, for more than three years. However, their ambitions will not stop until these companies become the largest in the world.

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HighKey Holdings Inc.

HighKey Technology Inc.

The future of e-commerce.

HighKey Technology is the leading seller of futuristic technology. We partner with celebrities for explosive exposure and growth.

The #1 seller of NEW HighKey wireless earbuds for 3 consecutive years.

HighKey Agency Inc.

Elite brand builders.

HighKey Agency is your full-service social media and PR management agency.

Social media and press are the future of branding. We create profitable brands with video, design and innovative growth strategies.

HighKey Clout Inc.

The new currency kings.

HighKey Clout is an influencer management agency partnered with Instagram’s most influential figures.

Our leading influencer giveaways trigger social growth, while making your brand both unmissable and irresistible.

Looking to dominate through branding, social media and sales innovation?

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